About Us

Dadi Impex Private Limited formerly known as United Lumbers Private Limited was founded in 1987 in Kandla, west coast India. Over the years Dadi Impex Private Limited has continued to believe in the fair trade policy. We have established ourselves as leading salt exporters in India with a strong repute in Asia. The company has grown rapidly and in 1997 opened its head quarters in Mumbai. We continue to enjoy working with many old clients and welcome new clients.


Our History

Dadi Impex Private Limited was incorporated in 1987 with a vision to globalize the small place namely Gandhidham. Gandhidham had many location advantages. Gandhidham housed major port Kandla that is the gateway to entire interland of India including Gujarat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Haryana and Punjab upto Kashmir. Gandhidham was enriched with many minerals like china clay (cawlin), silica sand, bauxite and many more. The area produced largest salt in the country.

The company was floated with import of timber logs from Malaysia and reached large volumes by importing shiploads from Malaysia and Africa. Dadi Impex Private Limited then ventured into export of minerals like silica sand, china clay, bauxite and cement clinker and slowly gained the control in export of salt to many countries starting from North Korea, Vietnam, China, Philippines, Indonesia, Bangladesh, East Africa and gulf. Today Dadi Impex Private Limited has virtual control in supply of high purity salt for the oil drilling purpose in the gulf region.


Our Services

Ship chartering Services:
Having expertise in bulk shipment, Dadi Impex Private Limited has been chartering marine vessels for themselves and others for bulk commodities out of west coast India since 1987 and enjoys great reputation in the shipping market. We have been have chartering vessels on bare boat charter, time charter and voyage charter of size ranging from 2,000 Metric Tons Dead weight to 40,000 Metric Tons Dead weight.

Manufacturing Services:
Dadi Impex Private Limited has established joint ventures with salt manufacturing units in India. We are also backed up with strong support from manufacturing units not only in India but also in countries like UAE and Bangladesh.